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                         Originally known as the German Pocket, Bethania is a residential area 25 km outside of Brisbane. The area was first developed as a series of farms and allotments derived from the Logan Agricultural Reserve. In 1863, the Queensland government expanded the reserve and commissioned a local merchant, John Heussler, to aid in the immigration of a number of German settlers.

                         Within a few years of their arrival, these immigrants had constructed an expansive agricultural community supporting a blacksmith, wheelwright, school and Lutheran church. The area continued to develop over the subsequent, including the construction of a branch line of the South Coast railway in Logan Village of Bethania. The addition of the railway further increased the agriculture of the area, creating a high demand for dairying into the early 1900s.

                         In the 1950s and decades following, Bethania became home to a variety of residential subdivisions. The area also developed an increased number of services to support the growing population. This included the addition of the Bethania Village shopping center, a Lutheran primary school and a number of private shops. Some of these edifices still stand and are also listed on the Queensland historical register.

Real Estate and Design:

                Bethania provides residents with a variety of housing styles, including the exclusive Bethania Waters. The architecture of the area reflects the popular Queenslander colonial and workers cottage from ages past, and has seen the recent addition of a good amount of modern construction as well. Bethania, along with a number of surrounding suburbs now find themselves at the center of a growth corridor, resulting in an increased demand for the real estate, whether homes or units and townhomes.


                The Bethania area is supported by a fantastic selection of nearby stores and shops. A number of local shops along major roads as well as the local shopping center in Beenleigh provide a wide selection for every taste and desire. Some of the stores include clothing and boutiques shops, discount department stores, banks, groceries and specialty shops that can meet every need.

Sports and Fitness:

                Bethania has a number of parks and open spaces with a variety of walkways and bike paths for locals to enjoy and exercise on. A number of state parklands and reserves also surround the area, providing a number of hiking paths and fantastic views. In addition, Bethania’s community center and aquatics center provide hours of physical activity and fun.


Distance from the CBD & Transportation:

                At 25 km to the south east of Brisbane’s limits, Bethania provides its residents the quiet, relaxed and rural living styles. The area connects to Brisbane and the airport via the Pacific Motorway in about 45 minutes. Brisbane’s transit system also provides a transfer service that ferries locals between the CBD and Bethania, with trip times of about 57 minutes. Local roads and train services provide access to Gold Coast as well.

Famous Landmarks:

                Bethania is home to a variety of interesting landmarks and points of interest. The variety of reserves and state parklands in the area provide a number of sites with beautiful views and walking paths that all should enjoy. In addition, a number of buildings throughout Bethania are listed on the Queensland Historic Register, including a heritage steam train complex, and a number of the original structures of the original German influx.

Restaurants and Cafés:

                Bethania is home to a variety of restaurants serving a selection of cuisine including Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Indian. The nearby suburbs also provide an excellent variety of restaurants and even more varied array of cuisine. The area also supports a number of local private bakeries and cafés that provide a number of delectable treats and refreshing drinks.

Schools, Education & Institutions:

                Bethania is home to a single primary school, with additional educational facilities in nearby suburbs. Eden’s Landing, within a ten minute drive of Bethania, supports another primary school, with a state secondary school 5 minutes beyond. This gives Bethania families a variety of educational solutions, providing every level necessary.

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