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Basin Pocket, a residential suburb, is two km north-east of central Ipswich. 
Bounded on its northern and western sides by the Bremer River, it adjoined a large pool or basin where boats could be turned round. 
The river basin was noted by the explorer, Allan Cunningham in 1828. 
Residents of Basin Pocket were mostly working class families whose living came from the East Ipswich Woollen mill or by crossing the river by ferry to the North Ipswich Railway workshops. 
The ferry departed from the end of Davidson Street, and the low-set ferry operator's cottage is at 36 Davidson Street. 
Most housing reflects blue-collar or working-class origins, mainly high-set, single storey weatherboard dwellings. 
The main thoroughfare is Blackhall Street, where the East Ipswich Honour Hall (c1920) was erected at number 64. 
The trustees later sold the hall to the East Ipswich Model Band, a local group begun in 1906. 
It is known as the H.J. Harper Band Hall, named after Horace Harper, a long time conductor. 
Source: Queensland Places

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