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                Acacia Ridge, named after the many acacia trees in the area, is a primarily residential area about 15 km south of Brisbane’s CBD. Originally part of Cowper’s Plains, Acacia Ridge developed as a mixed agricultural area in the late 1860s.  The area continued to grow into a more residential influence over several decades until it eventually became the hub of a housing boom of veterans returning from WWII.  A number of estates, some using imported Swedish homes, were created in the 1950s.  The housing districts have recently seen a number of new developments forming, which provides an excellent variety to the original weatherboard and brick and tile homes constructed during the post-war housing boom.

                The area also formed a nearby industrial district, across Beaudesert Road from the residential areas, which has recently been renovated into a technical park now home to a SkillsTech Australia campus. This campus now provides locals with an interest in technical studies with a fantastic venue for a variety of technical training. The area also boasts one of Queensland’s largest railway freight yards, which provides an excellent bolster for the local economy.  The industrial area has also recently become home to the southern Queensland Toyota headquarters, creating an excellent source of jobs for managerial and clerical positions.

In addition to all these offerings, Acacia Ridge also boasts being home to one of Brisbane’s only ice skating rinks.  The rink was developed to support families of returning war veterans and provide a great source of entertainment for the local residents.  The area has also provided a home or playing sites for a number of notable people.  Both Steve Price and Johnathan Thurstan, noted and very skilled rugby players, both frequented the area in previous years.  Acacia Ridge was also the childhood beat of Joel Turner, a famous singer, songwriter and beat boxer.


Real Estate and Design:

A good deal of the structures in the area were built during the post-World War II housing boom, and are a wide mix of weatherboard as well as brick and tile homes, with some of the estates also having some Swedish architecture as well.  However, over recent years, Acacia Ridge has seen areas of development that are now incorporating new architecture amongst the old.


                Acacia Ridge is very close to the fantastic Sunnybank Hills shopping center.  This center offers a wide variety of stores and services for every person and taste.  The center features almost every type of store or service available, and even a justice of the peace. From bakeries and coffee shops to clothing stores, boutiques, and supermarkets, the Sunnybank Hills center has it all.  Also, with a ten minute drive, residents of Acacia Ridge can visit nearby Sunnybank Plaza, with another excellent variety of stores, including discount department stores, groceries and a theatre.

Sports and Fitness:

                Acacia Ridge has a wide variety of sports and fitness activities.  These range from the swimming pool located at O’Sullivan Park near Beaudesert Road to the Ice Skating Association of Queensland, which finds its home at the historic Iceworld Sporting complex.  There are also a number of outdoor activities one can do with friends and family at the well-known Brandon Park off Mortimer Road.  This park has offerings such as a rugby league, football, netball, and even a Leisure Center for relaxation in the midst of activity.

Distance from CBD & Transportation:

                At approximately 15 km from Brisbane’s CBD, there are two major methods of public transportation available for local residents to use.  The 110 Inala Express and 115 Calamvale Express make several trips directly between the CBD and Acacia Ridge approaching Gloucester Street, with an approximate trip time of 35-40 minutes.

Famous Landmarks:

                Acacia Ridge has a number of attractive points of interest.  These include the famous Brandon Park, with its many activities and amusements, as well as the historic ice rink constructed for post-war veterans, but updated to provide the modern family with a great and fun experience.

Restaurants and Cafés:

                Acacia Ridge has a wide selection of bakeries, coffee shops, and restaurants.  No matter what your taste, the Sunnybank Hills center features a variety of stores to quench every hunger.  A variety of coffee shops and cafés, as well as several bakeries, have delectable treats. There are also a number of fresh food and take away options available. From Indian and Thai to Japanese and modern Australian cuisine, Sunnybank Hills has a wonderful representation of cuisine.

Schools, Education & Institutions:

                Acacia Ridge is home to excellent education facilities, including the Acacia Ridge State School, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary, Watson Road Primary, and the Aboriginal and Islander Independent Community School.  Sunnybank and Salisbury, both very close to Acacia Ridge, are home to a number of excellent high schools.

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