Moreton Bay Regional Council was formed in 2008 by the amalgamation of Caboolture Shire, Pine Rivers Shire and Redcliffe City. 

It is immediately north of the Brisbane City municipality and reaches 35 km to the Glass House Mountains National Park. 

The Council includes most of Bribie Island and extends 40 km inland.

Moreton Bay lies between the mainland and Moreton and North Stradbroke Islands. 

It was named after Lord Morton, President of the Royal Society, who was influential in financing James Cook's voyage (1768-71) to the South Pacific and Australia. 

'Morton' was rendered as 'Moreton' in a publication describing Cook's discoveries. 

Redcliffe City, an area of 36 sq km occupied a peninsula slightly north of centre of Moreton Bay's shoreline. 

The Caboolture divisional board (1879) administered all of the area now comprising the Moreton Bay Regional Council, along with the Kilcoy and Redcliffe districts. 

Even after the numerous excisions from the 1879 area, the Caboolture local government area had hilly rural hinterland (dairying country) and coastal sand dunes. 

Settlement clustered along the undulating coastal country and the North Coast railway line (1888 to Caboolture, 1890 beyond). 

Twenty years later an inland branch was built from Caboolture to Woodford (1909) and Kilcoy (1913).

The Pine Rivers Shire, close to Brisbane for marketing its dairy produce, fruit and vegetables, had the North Coast line through Strathpine and Petrie, and its villages at Samford and Dayboro had a railway (1920), but cut back to Ferny Grove in 1955. 

Redcliffe had no railway, but has prospered despite only the promise of one over many decades. 

The Hornibrook Highway, across Bramble Bay from Brighton to Clontarf, brought Redcliffe into the motor-car age in 1935.

The change from rural shire and coastal watering place to modern suburbs depended on the areas' proximity to Brisbane. 

Redcliffe grew in the 1950s-1960s; Pine Rivers began in the 1960s and has not stopped; and Caboolture's growth followed slightly later.

Redcliffe City had above-average numbers of lower-income retirees. 

Caboolture Shire's proportion of older people was the same as Australia's, but the average masked extremes.Narangba's neighbour, Morayfield, also has a youthful population. 

The median age for all of the former Pine Rivers Shire was also relatively youthful, with many young families earning above-average incomes.

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